• The New Game Academy offers a unique experience to executives world-wide
  • Pioneered by Professor Gordon Hewitt, strategy thought leader and consultant to Fortune 500 CEOs for over 25 years, and Garry Schulz, highly experienced corporate strategist, the Academy offers a set of personalised masterclasses and materials to create “new mind sets for new competitive games”
  • Gordon has a leading global reputation for his cutting edge ideas combined with insightful experiences and communication skills

Learn how to construct a practical “new game agenda” to thrive in a world where disruptive changes are altering industries in ways we could never have imagined even five years ago.

“The corporate graveyard is littered with the bodies of corporations which won the efficiency battle but lost the relevance war.”

Great coaches make sportsmen achieve more than they thought was possible. I have worked with Gordon Hewitt for over twenty years and as he coaches the business brains for your executive team they will identify real dangers as well as opportunities for your business.
— John Stewart, Chairman of Legal & General Group and a member of the Court of the Bank of England
Gordon has ground breaking, leading edge, and pragmatic ideas that thoughtful leaders can quickly use to their advantage. Some of the leading companies in the world have used his ideas to dramatically increase their competitive position, overcome industry orthodoxies, and create new dominant logics to sustain success.
— Dave Ulrich, Professor, renowned world expert in human resource management, Partner at RBL Group
Gordon has a very rare ability to cut through the fog of strategy and help executives and leadership teams see the challenge of framing a strategic agenda through new eyes. I’ve experienced it personally and have seen Gordon have massive impact time and again with boards, CEOs and executive teams in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
— Mark Johnson, Director Westfield Group and HSBC Australia and former CEO of PwC Australia