Academy masterclasses focus on “building new competitive acumen in business leaders”

‘Time for a rethink: creating new mind sets for a new game world’

The New Game Academy (NGA) is launching a pioneering programme of high impact personalised masterclasses to help build the strategic acumen of executives.

Developed by Professor Gordon Hewitt CBE FRSE, strategy thought leader and consultant to Fortune 500 and FTSE CEOs for 25 years, and experienced corporate strategist Garry Schulz, these digital masterclasses and materials are designed to create “new mind sets for new competitive games”.

“We started with the question, how can you construct a practical ‘New Game Agenda’ and thrive in a world where disruptive changes are altering the business landscape in ways that seemed inconceivable only five years ago?” says Hewitt. “This is about thinking differently - to develop the mind set essential to success in the new game world.”

With the NGA’s mission to provide unique insights into direction setting, strategy and leadership, Hewitt says the masterclasses provide a structured roadmap for learning, with personalised videos, workbooks, toolkits, takeaway slide decks and new content streams taking executives “on an engaging and enlightening journey that delivers new insight and tremendous value, both professionally and personally.”

The four “new game” core themes are:-

  • New Competitive Acumen – rethinking competition and value creation
  • New Strategic Acumen – rethinking direction setting and execution
  • New Organisational Acumen - rethinking the balance between administrative clarity and value creation
  • New Cognitive Acumen - rethinking our mental models and dominant logic

Hewitt adds, “This is a genuinely new platform to enable capability and acumen building in core cognitive and skill disciplines - one that also addresses the need for organisations to be relevant to tomorrow’s world, not just efficient in today’s world.