Time for a rethink: digital masterclasses arrive

New NGA online content set to “create new mindsets for a new world”

The New Game Academy (NGA) has now launched its pioneering series of masterclasses aimed at honing the strategic acumen of business executives in an increasingly dynamic, complex  world. Initial registration is free, with two levels of access available: complimentary and paid. NGA is a virtual source of content in which executives can access ideas for their sole use, as well as having the opportunity to access and join a community discussion if desired.

The masterclasses are created and delivered by Professor Gordon Hewitt CBE FRSE, consultant to Fortune 500 and FTSE CEOs and one of the world’s most in-demand business educators, and corporate strategist Garry Schulz. The first introductory session is free. Then, a fee similar to attending a one-off one-day public conference provides unlimited access to unique video tutorials, regular updates, the NGA community forum and highly engaging bonus resources.

The first (free) level includes a 23-minute masterclass video and slide deck on Competing in a New Game World, in which Professor Hewitt introduces the fundamental components required for a new mindset. Also included is the paper Rich Ideas, Poor Performance, which explores a central paradox of strategic change in a new game world: if we know so much about the process and chemistry of successful change efforts, why is the track record of success so disappointing?

The second (paid) level offers in-depth content on the key challenges facing executives today and suggested solutions, via four modules and eight video masterclasses delivered by Professor Hewitt. Each module runs for 50 minutes and includes two videos:

  • New Competitive Acumen – Rethinking competition & value creation
  • New Strategic Acumen – Rethinking direction setting & execution
  • New Organisational Acumen – Rethinking administrative clarity & value creation
  • New Cognitive Acumen – Rethinking our mental models & dominant logic

You also receive the following:

  • Personal 60-page workbook – to create a practical roadmap for applying new game thinking
  • Slide Decks – helping promote ‘stickiness’ of the new models and frameworks presented
  • Relevant Articles and Papers – equipping you with even more concepts and tools
  • Exclusive Community Forum and Discussion Boards – to ask questions, provide answers and to share insights and experiences with your master class peers

By signing-up for the masterclasses, and so joining the NGA, business professionals can access and benefit from Professor Hewitt’s accumulated knowledge. A much sought-after thought leader, he delivers the tutorials and is personally involved in forum discussions. This means his valuable expertise and experience is now available to organisations that might otherwise be unable to engage a consultant and business strategist at his level.