View this video taken at a conference sponsored by TORI Global, where Gordon presented to top UK executives.  See their reaction to the impact of his New Game ideas.

Here are some further quotes from senior executives around the world who have attended Gordon’s sessions recently

I hear everyday from those who have attended your sessions about how transformative they were. I think you have changed quite a few lives.
You had a profound impact on me and my department ... we were perceived as doing things in an incremental way and just reporting numbers ... you really made us think, escape from our comfort zones, and create value in fundamentally new ways.
I wasn’t sure the keynote speaker from last year could be topped but Dr Gordon Hewitt really takes the cake! Charming, enlightening, incredibly engaging!!
The entire day with Gordon was an enrichment, and there were a number of eye-openers for me. The one I will take away is the question “How do we become more relevant vs. more efficient”?
Gordon led me to breakthrough thinking about business strategy ... and how it’s really different to long term planning ... his demolition of the typical SWOT analysis was masterful.
Gordon’s emphasis on strategy as a thinking system rather than a planning process really changed my perspectives on so many things ... his emphasis on cognitive psychology and mental models which we’re often unaware of will have a fundamental impact on the way we conduct strategic conversations in future.
Your materials and presentation style were simply outstanding ... what a masterful storyteller ... I have an appreciation for true excellence and that is what I witnessed today.
Great presentation. It provided me with a whole new way of detecting and understanding the changing industry dynamics which really matter, and why even the brightest executives often miss them ...
Gordon was an amazing speaker, energising and educating at the same time. Definitely the highlight of the whole conference.
Great coaches make sportsmen achieve more than they thought was possible. I have worked with Gordon Hewitt for over twenty years and as he coaches the business brains for your executive team they will identify real dangers as well as opportunities for your business.
Gordon has a very rare ability to cut through the fog of strategy and help executives and leadership teams see the challenge of framing a strategic agenda through new eyes. I’ve experienced it personally and have seen Gordon have massive impact time and again with boards, CEOs and executive teams in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Major companies who have engaged in New Game conversations with Gordon include HSBC, Pfizer, Time Warner, PwC, Deutsche Post and Humana.